Blue Life Phos FX 500ml

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PHOS Fx is an exceptional macroporous phosphate removal resin. Its high capacity, long lasting beads and easy regeneration make it the most cost effective phosphate removal media on the market Want more info?

Availability:      Dispatch in 4-5 days

Availability:      Dispatch in 4-5 days

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PHOS Fx is an exceptional macroporous phosphate removal resin. Its high capacity, long lasting beads and easy regeneration make it the most cost effective phosphate removal media on the market. PHOS Fx has an unparalleled capacity to adsorb phosphates quickly and safely. Don’t let your tank fall victim to algae blooms and coral recession. Protect your aquarium with PHOS Fx!


Most cost effective phosphate media on the market!
Highest adsorption capacity
Rapid adsorption twice as fast as GFO
No clumping or disintegrating
Will not leach, ever!
Spherical beads allow excellent contact time
Long lasting and durable
No reactor required
Easy regeneration, up to 6 times!
Non-toxic solution


Phos Fx should be rinsed under purified water for a few seconds before use. It can be used in a canister filter, media reactor, filter box or any high flow area of your sump. Use included media bag and zip tie if not being used in reactor. For 250 gallons of water, use 500ml of product. For first application, use half the suggested amount of product as to not lower phosphates to rapidly. After 48 hours full dose may be administered. Do not lower phosphates more than .5ppm in a 24 hour period. Once product has exhausted you can regenerate up to six times. Regeneration is quick and easy with Blue Life USA’s Phos Fx Regenerate or the formula below.


Regeneration must be performed in a container outside of the aquarium. High brine solutions like the one in the formula below can be very harsh on the skin and eyes due to the high pH so it is strongly recommended that protective eyewear and rubber gloves be worn as a precautionary measure. For each 250 ml of resin to be regenerated: In a clean 1-gallon bucket or pail, thoroughly mix 200 g (~¾ cup) of powdered salt (table salt, sodium chloride etc..) with ½ gallon hot tapwater. The warm temperature of the tap water helps in dissolving the salt.

Regeneration efficiency is directly related to reaction time between the salt solution and the Phos Fx resin. Place resin (ideally in mesh bag) into bucket with the salt solution. Let sit for about an hour, stirring every 15 min. Ensure all resin has had ample contact time with salt solution. The salt solution should be discarded after use. Then, repeat the basic steps, substituting twice the volume of purified water for the salt solution used, discarding the water once this step is completed. The Phos Fx resin must be thoroughly rinsed with purified water before resuming use in an aquarium. Once the Phos Fx resin has been rinsed, it is once again ready for use in an aquarium system as instructed on the Phos Fx label.

Phos Fx phosphate-adsorption capability will decrease with each use; once the resin has been regenerated six times, it should be replaced.
Do not replace Phos Fx resin inside aquarium system following regeneration until it has been rinsed with fresh water.
Regeneration potential is not increased by recirculating the same solution through the resin for an extended period of time; it is, however, increased if doubling the volume of solution used (e.g., employing 1 gallon of solution rather than ½ gallon for every 250 ml of resin to be regenerated; in this case, simply prepare 1 gallon of solution according to the instructions above).

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