Biopod is a self-contained ecosystem that replicates real environments' - the statement that hits you as soon as you land on the Biopod website. Coupled with sleek design, images of colourful 'scapes and glimpses of an App it is hard not to be intrigued. 

Following on from a successful crowd funding campaign founders Jared Wolfe and Tom Lam set about creating the 'worlds first smart microhabitat'. 

With its core values being born out of a necessity to save endangered species and to support conservation, Biopod have managed to create an eye catching, cloud driven ecosystem that not only allows the user to keep species of plant, fish and reptile with unparalleled ease but also builds in technology that is not commonly seen in aquariums/vivariums available on the market today. 

Key Features include - 
  • App driven control
  • State of the art LED lighting
  • Integrated misting and humidity control
  • Integrated heating
  • Full WiFi connectivity
  • built in HD camera

As you can imagine demand for these range of smart habitats has been huge and due to this the global launch has been postponed until September 2017. 

With three terrestrial models (Eden,Terra and Grande) and two Paludarium/Aqutaic models (Aqua & Aqua 2) the possibilities seem endless.

We are offering you the opportunity to pre order yours today with stock ready to ship from 28th September.

Any questions you have please feel free get in touch . . .