The Aqua Illumination LED lights have been some of our best selling LED light fixtures for some years now and have built a reputation as being one of the best lights in the hobby since their release. That release, however, was some years ago, and this month the brand new Aqua Illimination Hydra 32HD and Hydra 64HD were launched (with the new PRIME16HD lights just around the corner).

On first impressions, the Hydra units do not look that different, but look a little closer and you can see that the lights are now slimmer; giving an overall neater look, while keeping the classic Hydra styling and mounting compatibility. The led clusters are now slightly smaller, with a neater, more closely grouped LED arrangement (more about that later) and the mode button/indication light, has been intelligently moved from the rear of the unit (where it was often difficult to see and get at) to the underside of the new Hydras. Another change to the rear of the unit is that the power cable input, which is now permanently located & sealed, which should reduce corrosion and water ingress issues. 

The real difference however, is under the hood! 

Inside the new Hydra 32HD & 64HD is a completely new electronics system and a microprocessor which means that you will not only be able to connect to the units via WiFi but also via Bluetooth LE, which is rapidly growing in popularity. Controllability will come via the existing AI app using WiFi or Bluetooth LED connection, likely evidence of things to come! 

The other major change that Aqua Illumination have made to the inside of the units is the LED clusters themselves. For those of you that were unaware, the 32 and 64 in the lights name refers to the number of LED lights that each unit includes. What with the older models being called 26 and 52, this means more light!

On top of that, each light now comes with a dedicated MOONLIGHT channel of LEDs. In the past most lights, including the Hydras, simply ran an existing channel of LEDs (most often blue) at a low wattage to give a moonlight effect. The new moonlight diodes in the Hydra 32HD & 64HD, however, are made up of warm white LED colours, giving you a natural moonlight effect. Something that we have been going on about for some time after seeing spawning projects taking a similar stance. 

As we mentioned before all of the LED are now arranged in a much tighter formation in each cluster. This tighter grouping should mean a much better colour mixing straight out of the unit, avoiding any disco led effects!

So with all that in mind, is the new Hydra a worthwhile upgrade - we think YES. That does not, however, mean that the older Hydra lights are for the bin! 

As with most of the companies producing well thought out, hobbyist driven products, the new Aqua Illumination Hydra 32HD & Hydra 64HD are simply improvements on their already outstanding series of reef led lighting. Which should not only make the Hydra lights, but Aqua Illumination as a company one of your go-to brands! 

All Hydra 32HD & 64HD currently include a 10% introductory offer which is only available while stocks last.

All Hydra 26HD, Hydra 52HD and all AI Prime LED lights also have special clearance prices
(making them crazy good value for money) again, only while stocks last.