A couple of weeks ago we received a call from our friend Blowfish asking if we could supply some jellyfish for ITV This Morning. Being fans of the show we were happy to help out even though we found out that they actually needed them for the following morning at 7am. After speaking to the team at ITV directly and running over a few ideas we agreed that we would set up 2 separate aquariums to show a variety of marine livestock. One being a 20 litre moon jelly aquarium and the other being a small coral only reef aquarium.

We had a quick team meeting a decided that our livestock manager would be the best person for the job and that he would not only deliver the aquariums and livestock but also stay at the studio so that there is a professional on hand at all times.

So as agreed we got to the studio first thing and got the aquariums set up and you can see above how they looked. The show went really well our livestock received a great response. The aquariums and the animals are all back in the showroom happy and healthy!