In Februrary 2014 Charterhouse Aquatics Showroom opened its doors to the UK Marine Fish Breeders Club (MFBC).

Founding member Alex Arlett-Johnson had organised the club to hold their first ever event here in the concept showroom.

The plan for the day was for for both members, and non-members interested in the subject to gather and discuss all things breeding. Food would be provided as well as talks and demonstrations from key people in the field.

Marine Breeding Initiative (MBI) founder Tal Sweet flew in from America to discuss his well known works out in the states. Gareth Bull of Reefshotz spoke about his groundbreaking work with A.tonsa which thanks to him is now available countrywide and will increase the possibilities of breeding different species. Adrian Blundell and Shelley White spoke about the trials and tribulations experienced when breeding seahorses in captivity and Sean Phillips provided a great talk aimed at marine breeding first -timers. All presentations were first class but i think the stand out of the day was from Curator of the Horniman Museum Aquarium Jamie Craggs.

Jamie and his research partner Gary Fletcher have embarked upon a multi-year coral research project called 'Project Coral'. The aim of the project is to predictably induce captive corals to spawn by replicating the conditions of a Fijian Reef and Jamie, Gary and their team have managed to spawn a number of coral species at the museum. By adjusting these monitored environmental conditions they are hoping to assess the impact these have on how the colony sexually reproduces. As you can imagine everyone present was very interested in the project and how this will in future be applied to the protection of wild reefs. (a link to more information on the project can be seen below)

The day was seen as a huge success by all and Charterhouse are looking forward to welcoming the MFBC back again.