Any of you existing aquarists will have at some point come across the new RED SEA REEFER aquariums,but what is all the fuss about . . . ? Red Sea's advertising campaign has shown these aquariums to be a beautifully finished and stylish aquarium set that will give the customer a solid foundation to build there perfect set up. With Red Sea's track record as a market leader this was easy to believe, but the proof is always in the pudding. Upon unboxing the aquarium the first thing you notice is the high quality finish,bevelled glass edges and an extremely well finished cabinet, all proving the claimed quality, but once you get into the design side of thing you really start to understand what all the industry fuss is about. The set up of the sump has clearly been well thought out and designed by and for aquarists. A constant height skimmer chamber,built in filter bag holder,integrated auto top up and a silent,regulated down flow system ensure that the style does not out weigh the substance. The whole of our first batch of aquariums have now come and gone,on their way to lucky Reefers across the country. We are now taking pre orders for the March shipment and at the rate these tanks are selling it will not be too long before these are sold out. In essence,if you want to join the lucky ones out there and own a new,intelligently designed,beautiful aquarium which truly does allow an unlimited choice of equipment customisation . . . ORDER NOW!