UK Tank Bred Kuda Seahorses @ Charterhouse Aquatics

hippocampus kuda

We have just welcomed a brand new batch of juvenile UK Tank Bred Kuda Seahorses into our east London fish house.

These little guys (and girls) have been with us for nearly two weeks now. They are already eating like pigs and are now on display and ready for sale out of our custom seahorse system. So what better time to give you guys a bit more background information on these truly unique little creatures.

Hippocampus kuda actually comes in many colour forms including yellow, orange, brown, and even black. Some individuals may have even have spots. The UK Tank Bred Kuda Seahorses we currently have in stock are an interesting mottled cream, yellow and tan colour with dark bands running across some of the more mature specimen’s backs. They are roughly 3 – 4” in length.

Our Tank Bred seahorses are a great addition to a seahorse specific aquarium or can be even be successfully kept with the many varieties of pipe fish that we also have in stock. They are accepting frozen Mysis shrimp as well as other vitamin enriched brineshrimp. For the best results, seahorses should be kept in a “low-flow” tank that is 55 gallons or larger with lots of branching decor which they can use as an anchoring point with their tails. The reason for this is that seahorses are very slow methodical eaters and when maintained with other fish or in a fast flowing reef aquarium, they will never receive the proper amount of food to thrive in the aquarium. Seahorses tend to get along with pipefish, but they are a slightly faster feeders than the seahorse so it is imperative that the aquarist offers the proper amount of food for the seahorse and pays close attention at feeding time to ensure all the inhabitants are adequately fed. In order to maintain the coloration of these wonderful animals it is ideal to keep décor of a similar coloration in the aquarium. We use a mix of Imation mangrove root wood and various seaweeds such as green bubble algae, red grape algae and caulerpa taxifolia. These Tank Bred seahorses are actually very hardy, and make a smart alternative to wild caught species. Providing your set up is tailored to keeping seahorses and you have the ability to feed them regularly on prepared frozen foods (up to 5 times a day), you should be able to have every success with these interactive and characterful creatures at home. If you are interested in finding out more then why not pay us a visit and get chatting to one of our knowledgeable staff about your next aquatic venture into the world of keeping seahorses.

UK Tank Bred Kuda Seahorses available in store @ £69.95