The Xaqua InOut is a Pulsing Drain and Return unit that is now available exclusively from Charterhouse Aquatics in the UK.

Some of you may remember the InOut unit from some years ago when it briefly appeared on the UK market but after a few years missing, its back! 

The neat and tidy profile makes the unit one of the cleanest ways to plumb an aquarium, and buying a kit means that is all you need, removing the headache of A4 sketches and endless lists of the elbow, bulkheads, sockets, glue etc. 

So while the Xqua unit is convenient and looks great these are not the black boxes trump card. This comes in the form of the pulsing return! A unique hydrodynamic reservoir within the return box that invisibly creates a subtle but significant pulse into the aquarium, all with NO moving parts! 

The Xaqua InOut is available in two kits, one with just the black box unit and another with the addition of silicon return pipe and ribbed down tube. The return and drain sections can be plumbed as a single unit (as seen in the images) or these can be split for use on either side of the aquarium. 

Xaqua InOut - £79.95
Xaqua InOut with Hose Kit - £100