ATI ICP-OES Water Analysis (Set of 3 Tests)

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ATI ICP-OES Water Analysis (Set of 3 Tests) Want more info?

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Professional ICP-OES Water Analysis from ATI Aquaristik

• The ATI Arcos II ICP-OES gives you the ability to get a accurate picture of the water chemistry of your aquarium and it is the most comprehensive test on the market, and whilst proven very accurate, is still very affordable

• With ATI's ARCOS II ICP-OES machine ATI have chose an analyser of the highest in its class

• It is characterised by its high precision and is used wherever high demands on element analysis are required so it is not surprising that with the ARCOS II they can detect trace elements in concentrations to less than 1 µg/l (0.001mg/l)

• This is a great way of being totally aware and in control of what is happening with your aquariums water chemistry

• With the help of our ICP-OES the daily challenges of meeting the needs of your reef aquarium inhabitants are now without any doubt completely possible

• You are able to see the daily consumption of every essential major and minor element and able to dose accordingly to keep at the optimum levels

• Also we are able to identify, using the analysis, sources of pollution that could be the cause of many problems and so can optimise your aquarium system to even better results, and detect potential problems to avoid them escalating

What you need to do:

• The Water Test Kit comprises of 4 sample vials, an instruction leaflet and an address label

• The instruction leaflet provides a website (ATI Lab) which you need to register first to obtain your own ATI Lab account

• You then add to your account a new water analysis for your aquarium and also a separate water analysis for your Reverse Osmosis water by entering the barcode information on the side of the vials

• 3 of the vials have a White Top and 1 has a Red Top, fill the 3 vials (White Top) with water from your aquarium and fill the 1 vial (Red Top) with your RO Water

• Place all 4 full vials in the supplied jiffy bag and enter you name in the consignor section and fix to the bag

• You then return the bag and water samples to ATI in Germany, the label you fix to the bag has ATI's return address, this can be returned via the Post Office and you will need to pay currently £3.85 to do this

• You will then receive an email from ATI confirming your tests are live on your account

• Log into your account to see your results

What your results will contain:

• Salinity and KH value
• As all element readings are affected by salinity we provide you a salinity reading, balanced accurate readings inline with your salinity to give you complete certainty on your results
• With all the major and minor elements results you get a balanced reference value to your salinity, which leaves you in no doubt of your dosing regime

Major Elements:
Chloride | Sodium | Magnesium | Sulfur | Calcium | Potassium | Bromine | Strontium | Boron |
Fluorine | Lithium | Silicon | Iodine | Barium | Molybdenum | Nickel | Manganese | Arsenic | Beryllium | Chrome | Cobalt | Iron | Copper | Selenium | Silver | Vanadium | Zinc | Tin | Nitrate no3 | Phosphorus | Phosphate

Minor Elements:
Aluminium | Antimony | Bismuth | Lanthanum | Lead | Cadmium | Thallium | Titanium | Tungsten | Mercury

• Nitrate No3 and Flourine are measured by using an IC machine

• Your R.O. water will also be tested if you so wish as well as your Aquarium water, by simply filling the test tube marked R.O. with you're R.O. sample preferably straight from the R.O. unit. (make sure to create another aquarium profile for R.O. so your R.O. water sample results can be uploaded as well)

• 43 Tests in total, 44 if you include your reverse osmosis water 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

• What is an ATI ICP-OES test and how will it help my marine tank?
ATI Aquaristik using the highest quality laboratory grade ICP-OES machine in its class, it will analyse 39 of your saltwater aquarium parameters. The ATI ICP-OES test now includes a complementary test also for your reverse osmosis water so you can be sure your RO water is pure and your RO unit is functioning correctly. Simply fill the third test vial with RO water and mark it with a permanent marker pen ‘R.O.’ the other two test vials will be filled with your aquarium water
The ATI ICP-OES test is used as a diagnostic tool for trouble shooting any aquarium issues, but to see consumption of trace elements and any trends through parameter shifts detected from one ICP-OES test to the next. This can be used for any other manufactured aquarium products or equipment and it can determine whether your home aquarium test kits are accurate if used on the same day of collecting sample and comparing the results and more importantly any recommendations or adjustments from your results are based on the accurate measurement of the salinity value of your aquarium water. ATI are the first and only manufacturer of ICP-OES tests to offer this service

• Can ATI Essentials and ATI ICP-OES be used on any other manufacturers filtration systems?
Yes, ATI Essentials allows you to run your aquarium filtration, lighting, water flow etc. the way you find works best. 
ATI Essentials does not tie you to any particular method as other brands do. 
The ATI ICP-OES test can be used by all, many will test every month to monitor their reef aquarium so that any potential issues can be easily identified and averted. 
This way it also allows you to fine tune any supplements that are being used more quickly and thus maintaining any short fall. 
This way also benefits you from not having to do any water changes unless a problem is detected to restore balance and or dilute any accumulation
Some may choose to do a test once in a while just to see how things are doing on their chosen method, the choice with ATI is yours

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