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Livestock Acclimatisation

Here are our recommendations on how to settle your new animals in safely:
  • Remove shipping bags and place animal along with the shipping water into a clean bucket. 
  • Use the airline to siphon water from your tank into the bucket at a rate of 1 drip per second until the pH and salinity match.  This will take no longer than 45 minutes.

Tips for Corals after acclimation - 

It is good practice to check for pests and to give your coral a dip to ensure no hitchhikers are present. 

When placing your new coral in your aquarium it is important to never induce shock by placing it directly under strong light. Instead, start it off in a shadier position and slowly move it to its final position after a few weeks. 

If your new coral isn’t opening alter the amount of flow or light and see if it responds better. Euphyllia (Hammers, Torches & Frogspawns) can suffer from acclimation problems if they are not placed in moderate flow initially to encourage them to open.  Make sure your coral is placed in strong indirect flow.

Tips for Anemones - 

Ensure all circulation pumps and intakes are anemone safe and have guards in place. 

Anemones often initially look deflated and need good flow to recover. The best way of doing this is to gently anchor the foot of the anemone between 2 heavier rocks (it is important not to damage the foot) and ensure it is in good but indirect flow.  After 30 minutes you will notice it re-inflate and attach itself. It is important once the anemone has stuck itself to a rock that you do not disturb it.

After 1 week you can feed your anemone with small pieces of mussels or prawns placed into the centre of its mouth. If it is not eaten after an hour, remove it.


Your new purchase is covered by our live arrival guarantee. 

If, in the unfortunate event your purchase is found to be dead on arrival (DOA) please complete the following steps:-

Please report the claim via e-mail to us no later than 2 hours after signing for the package (e-mail to [email protected]).  Please include your order number, details of your claim and clear photographic evidence in the unopened bag from a variety of angles of the DOA animal.  

Our guarantee is only valid if you sign for the delivery on the couriers first attempt, it covers live arrival within the 2 hour limit that the package was signed for. 

Any coral skeletons, shells and bodies will need to be kept and we reserve the right to ask for these to be returned to us before replacement/refund.
For certain species, we reserve the right to refund your purchase as we may not be able to source a replacement at the time.

Failure to complete ALL of the above steps will void any claim.

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