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Livestock Acclimatisation

Acclimatisation Instructions

Congratulations on your new purchase! Here are a few pointers to help settle in your new livestock.

• Unpack the bag and empty it into a bucket.
• Test the salinity and pH of the water in the bag and of the water in your aquarium
• Use the airline and clamp to start a siphon from your tank into the bucket and drip the water in at a rate of 1 drip per second until the pH and the salinity match. This should normally take around 45minutes

Before shipping your coral will be inspected by us for hitchikers but it is at this point you may wish to add a coral dip to the bucket.

After 45 minutes take the coral from the bucket and place it into the aquarium. Remember not to shock your coral by placing it in strong light straight away.

Do not feed your coral straight away - let it settle for a couple of days.

Keep an eye on your new purchase. Make sure it is opening / expanding properly. If it isn't then try to change the conditions it is in. Look at the amount of flow / light it is in and try to change it.

Once the coral has been settled for a few days you can try to feed it either with a liquid coral food or by target feeding it.

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