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Shop our Summer Sale! With savings on thousands of products,  now is the perfect time to give your aquarium the TLC it deserves, or simply stock up on your regular product at a great price! 

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Introducing Charterhouse 3D

Shop the full range of Charterhouse 3D products. In-house designed and 3D printed to help make your aquarium keeping that little bit easier. 
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Charterhouse reverse osmosis

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  • Keeping Your Aquarium Happy While You’re on Holiday

    So, you've decided to dive into the wonderful world of aquariums—congrats! Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned aquarist, one of the first decisions you'll face is choosing the right aquarium size.

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  • Help! My Fish Are Fighting: A Guide to Restoring Peace in Your Tank

    Hey there, fish fans! So, you’ve set up your awesome aquarium, and everything seemed peaceful…until it wasn’t. Suddenly, your fish are acting like they’re in an underwater boxing match.

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  • Thinking of Getting a Pet Fish? Here’s What You Need to Know Before Diving In!

    Hey there, future fish enthusiast! Considering bringing home a finned friend? Awesome choice! Before you take the plunge, let’s dive into some key facts you should know about keeping pet fish happy and healthy.

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Charterhouse TV

Introducing Charterhouse TV from Charterhouse Aquatics! Bringing you product unboxings and reviews, industry insiders and all the latest news from the aquatic trade! From high tech reef aquariums to nano biotopes we have something for every aquarist. Make sure you subscribe today to ensure you don't miss out!