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Fritz FritzZyme 360 Freshwater Biological Conditioner 32 oz.

Fritz FritzZyme 360 Freshwater Biological Conditioner 32 oz.

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Promotes a Clean, Clear & Healthy AquariumReduces & Simplifies MaintenanceBacteria Rapidly Digests WasteEliminates Foul OdorsBiologically Assists NitrificationImproves Water ClarityImproves...  Read More
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Product Description

Promotes a Clean, Clear & Healthy Aquarium
Reduces & Simplifies Maintenance
Bacteria Rapidly Digests Waste
Eliminates Foul Odors
Biologically Assists Nitrification
Improves Water Clarity
Improves Flow Through Filters

FritzZyme® 360 is a powerful probiotic blend of naturally occurring, environmentally friendly, live heterotrophic bacteria capable of digesting organic sludge common in aquariums. Sludge includes fish waste, leftover food and other decaying organic matter. Using FritzZyme 360 as part of a regular maintenance program will greatly reduce aquarium care including gravel vacuuming, water changes as well as prolonging filter media life. Rather than relying on freshwater bacteria to treat both fresh and saltwater, Fritz Industries has identified the species that naturally occur and perform best for each environment. FritzZyme 360 contains only species of bacteria native to freshwater. The bacteria in FritzZyme 360 is safe, non-toxic and non-pathogenic.

Initial dose, use 1 tsp(5ml) per 5 US Gallons (19 L).
Maintenance dosing, use 1 tsp (5 ml) per 10 gallons (38 L).
Shake well, add directly to aquarium in an area of high flow to allow product to circulate. Turn off UV sterilizers for 48 hours after application.NOTE: An earthy odor is normal — a natural result of biological activity. Odor will quickly dissipate when adding product to aquarium. Color variation is normal.

Treats 7162 L.