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D-D Aqua-Pro Reef 1200 - Gloss White - AquaFrame Cabinet

D-D Aqua-Pro Reef 1200 - Gloss White - AquaFrame Cabinet

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The Aqua-Pro Reef aquarium range has been professionally designed for today’s reefkeepers. These systems are suitable for beginners right through to those at the cutting edge of the hobby, and comb...  Read More
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Product Description

The Aqua-Pro Reef aquarium range has been professionally designed for today’s reefkeepers. These systems are suitable for beginners right through to those at the cutting edge of the hobby, and combines practicality with a modern premium finish. The design allows for marine hobbyists to choose and add their own equipment, building a bespoke sump-based saltwater system which is tailored exactly to their own methods, taste, experience and budget.With five different models to choose from and 11 colour finishes you can find the perfect solution for your home reef.

Aquarium Highlights

  • Made from ultra clear low iron glass, with no strapping and fully polished edged to provide the perfect view of your home reef.
  • Central weir box to allow for a full unobstructed view into the aquarium from both sides. Featuring a removeable weir comb for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Black vinyl background pre-fitted to the rear of the aquarium to make your aquarium inhabitants stand out.
  • Twin adjustable flair nozzle outlets fitted as standard to allow water returned from the sump to be directed in multiple directions.
  • Two overflow pipe system to allow for safe silent running.
  • Basemat pre-fitted to the bottom of the aquarium.
  • Black silicone joints.
  • Clean contemporary finish with sleek lines to match the style of the Aqua-Pro Reef aquarium.
  • Fully prebuilt with the option of 11 different colour finishes to match and compliment any home decor.
  • Adjustable soft close hinges fitted as standard.
  • Quick release doors to provide full access of maintenance.
  • Large ventilation space allowed in the back of the cabinet to help prevent moisture build up inside the cabinet.
  • Aircraft grade aluminium frame with adjustable feet as standard on the 1500 and 1800 models, also available as an option for the 1200.
Sump Highlights - The Aqua-Pro Reef aquariums come with a multi chamber sump with freshwater top up reservoir. To suit as many different filtration options as possible the Aqua-Pro Reef sumps not only have separate sections but also adjustable baffles. These allow water heights to be customised and changed as needed. This can be especially useful if setting up a refugium where you may want to run a deeper water depth than is normally offered or want to set the perfect running height for your protein skimmer without having to use stands or messy solutions to raise the unit off the bottom of the sump. Simply loosen the two fixings slightly, slide the baffle to the desired height and then tighten back up. This is easy to do even with the aquarium running and no tools are required.
  • 6mm + 8mm glass construction.
  • Height adjustable acrylic baffles for water depth adjustment.
  • Included freshwater top up reservoir.
  • CNC cut dividers glass dividers.
  • Pre-fitted foam base mat.
  • Polished and bevelled glass edges.
  • Black silicone joints.
 System Specification


  • Dimensions (L x W x H)120 x 60 x 56cm.
  • Glass Thickness: 15mm.
  • Low Iron Ultra Clear Glass: Yes.
  • Display Tank Water Volume: 370 Litres.
  • Weir Dimensions (Including Comb): 24 x 10 x 58cm.
  • Central and Removeable Weir: Yes.
  • Pre-fitted Basemat: Yes.
  • Black Vinyl Background: Yes.


  • External Dimensions (L x W x H): 80 x 45 x 45cm.
  • Skimmer Chamber Dimensions: 25 x 43.8cm.
  • Reactor/Refugeum Chamber Dimensions: 24.1 x 43.8cm.
  • Return Pump Chamber Dimensions: 15 x 43.8cm.
  • Top Up Reservoir Dimensions: 12.5 x 43.8cm.
  • Glass Thickness: 6mm and 8mm.
  • Adjustable Height Baffles: Yes.
  • Min. Sump Water Volume: 49 Litres.
  • Max. Sump Water Volume: 77 Litres.
  • Skimmer Chamber Water Depth: Adjustable 20-30cm.
  • Reactor/Refugeum Chamber Water Depth: Adjustable 16-26cm.
  • Built Into Sump Top Up Reservoir Volume: 23.8 Litres.
  • Pre-fitted Basemat: Yes.


  • Main Overflow Pipe: 40mm.
  • Emergency Overflow Pipe: 40mm.
  • Return Stand Pipe: 25mm.
  • Twin Flare Nozle Outlet: Yes.
  • Return Pipe Hosetail: 19mm.


  • Total Min. Volume: 419 Litres.
  • Total Max. Volume: 447 Litres.
  • Polished Glass Edges: Yes.
  • Black Silicone Joints: Yes.
  • Recommended Return Pump Size: 3000-4000 Lph.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 120 x 60 x 90cm.
  • Metal Frame Cabinet – Yes.
  • Adjustable Feet – Yes.